Customer Testimonials

Hi Chris, arrived home after a very sedate ramble through the lanes, very pleased with my new purchase I would just like to convey my sincere thanks to you for the way myself and the good lady were treated by you on our recent experience at your company.

Your professionalism was second to none and we found the whole transaction from start to finish a pleasure.

I wouldn't hesitate in recommending you to my friends and family and beyond for any future purchase they may wish to pursue, thanks a million and all the very best you are a gentleman.

S Mansfield

Thank you for your service throughout the process of my buying the Rover P3 from your company.

Chris you are an honourable man and a pleasure to deal with. I am most grateful.

 P Bailey 

My experience with Black and White Classics

I’ve always admired the elegance of most 1930’s four light sports saloons. Good examples are quite rare nowadays, there is generally a strong demand and, because I live abroad, I’m always too late.

When Black and White advertised a 1937 Rover 16 Sports Saloon I phoned up immediately, after hours! No problem, the sales staff were very understanding and helpful – they sent me loads of pictures and insisted on issuing a new MOT even though it wasn’t necessary.

So, I bought an eighty year old car, sight unseen, from a dealer I hadn’t heard of – and it all turned out remarkably well.

Robert from Ireland